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[14 Jun 2004|11:38pm]
Hello.. I havent wrote in here cuz i got Greatest journal.. if u want to look. go there and type in retepd1390
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[26 May 2004|04:02pm]
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[05 May 2004|07:57am]
weeeee im in computer app.. 1st period on A day. g2g.. omg teacher coming
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"Liberty Bell"

Liberty Bell is an bell that stands in place of honor in Independence hall in Philadelphia , It stands in place of honor in Idependence Hall in Philiadephia. The Liberty Bell is housed in Independence Nation Historic Park , Philadelphia . Liberty Bell is owned by the city of Philadelphia . It was ordered from England in 1751 by the Assembly of the British colony of Pennsylivania. Liberty Bell was first hung in Independence Hall in 1753, It bone the inscription, Proclaim Liberty throughout all the land into all the Inhabitant. The bell achieved an iconic status when abolitionist adopted the bell as a symbol for the movement. It was first used in this association as a front speeches to an 1837 edition of Liberty, published by new York Anti- Slavery Society. Liberty Bell , A one ton iron bell, cast in London in 1752 , which hung originally in the tower of Independence hall and is now kept in a special pavilion on that site. The old Liberty Bell stands in place of honor in Independence hall in Philadelphia , It calls people together . It has 70% copper,25% tins, small amount of lead , zinc, arsenic; gold and silver. Circumference 12 feet around the lip, 12 ft around the crown , circumference around the crown 7 ft 6 inch, the lip to crown is 3 feet height over the crown is 2 ft 3 inches. It weighs 2080 lb., . On July , 8, 1776 , the bell in the Philadelphia State house began to ring, calling the citizens of the city to hear an important announcement. It was removed from the city. The military wanted to use it to melt it down and use it as an cannon ball for the world II war. It was hidden in floor boards of the Zion Reformed Church in Allentown, Pennsyliavia. It was returned to Declaration Chamber again and was taken back at town hall in 1869. It cracked when it rang, It was all silent voice forever, Most of people had seen the bell cracked. It first cracked in 1835 and again in 1846 they took it down to be repaired. They had widespread disagreement about when the first crack appeared on the bell, It was agreed that the final expansion of the bell unringable was on Washington Birthday in 1846.

Kirstin Fick
Period 8
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[28 Apr 2004|12:45pm]
Heyyyyyy.. I m in science... typing an report.. but i got done.. muahha im on here.. thou.. well gotta go b4 ppls catch me on here and report on me.. muaha.. i dont give shit if i get dermit.. im a punk! Seriously.. i have alot of braclets of punkkieee signs!
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Hello [27 Apr 2004|09:25pm]
Im at school right now at 9:25.. 5 min til the bell ring... Ahh.. i have reading next.. that sound so boring cuz i read the whole book yestrday.. lalala.. hehe. all i did was workin on my computer app h.w for my study hall class. so thats what i did this hour.also im tryin to get on today.. but all i heard from my mom that "Im grounded off da computer" which.. is... uhh... Gay.. sorry matthew.. i had to say that. its my Quot thou..
hehe.. leave some comments..
:-P have good day.. muah it gonna b hotttt today.. dangie
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hello [26 Apr 2004|09:12pm]
hello im at school.. i m having a track meet tonight at 4.. offically we leave school at like 2 45 to go to the meet in belluve.. its at belluve east..
Today is boring day.. im so pissed cuz i heard Ian is dating someone else.. and i like him still. haha and i heard that he might ask me out thou.. thats.. werid. so leave some comments if u wanted to! lalala im in 2nd period study hall its bronging to have it in the morning! damn it! lol lmao.. talk to you guys later.. i wont b on tonite cuz.. track meet.. so seeya bye bye
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hello [22 Apr 2004|10:42pm]
[ mood | working ]

hello.. im so bored.. im sitting here chatting with my friends.Ian my ex.. he broke up with me on easter.. which suck.. hes sending me a pic of his new hair cut.. i will scream if its BALD.. *dies* lmao.. im dating sevie.. his name is Austin..HeHe! hes sooo sweet.. ROFL.. damn.. haha.. *dies* haha
So whats up? i was reading some shits.. funny shits..
its so gay.. also i went to one site.. it was a chicken doing whatever u tell him to.. i told him to sit on the couch.. and he did haha!
g2g do my hw.. lmao ttyl.. its late!
shittnezz. haha ttyl

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[18 Apr 2004|12:02am]
your fuck.

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[16 Apr 2004|09:17am]
Hey im at school!!!! I dont have homework.. we have short periods.. lmao.. haha gotta jet bye bye.
TERPS COMIN WHOEE danggieee gotta a XX THISS OFF>>> lol im stupp to do stuf not This lol
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[05 Apr 2004|10:20pm]

Muaha! I was with my boyfriend today.. It took me and beki like 50 mins to find his fucking house. haha. i didnt find it for real. and the address were suppose to be 5213 not 5212! motherfucker! THAT STOOPID RELAY!! haha.. I think its the relay fault cuz it didnt give me the right address.All we did was playing basketball and talk and play with his dog name ,Pasta. Its so cute! Mofo! haha also im talking to him now! Muah! *sings* haha.. I bet Ann is having fun in Arizona! *(YELLS FOR ANN)* haha she cant hear me from here anyway.. haha.. that all i can say. bye bye muah.

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Hey! [28 Mar 2004|08:39am]

How long until the Olsen Twins are 18?

Hey. Im so bored. I woke up early because didnt feel good,LaLa.Im online chatting with friends ..*Flees* I might go with my sister to Don&Millie's to see chris with beki.. Also.. Today will be kinda nice out.. Its little sunny.. I m not sure if it will come out today?

Im bored. IM surfing the internet.. Funnnn.. hah

Lala...Im sick with my allerigies and Cold.. Blee...*slaps my nose.* I need new NOSE!

Imma gonna go..

-Jumpy Jr.-

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Hello [27 Mar 2004|08:02am]
Hey you all.. i have bad alleriges.. Damn it its.. killing me.. aggggh..... POLLEN.. GO AWAY.. hah.. Also.. this weekend i might go on date with my new b.f!Aw hes soooo swwwweeeeeet. Also.. I stayed at Falcons all week.. well to tell the truth,Its not all week..Also.. Im soooo tired and my eye is filled with water.. ehhhh..... i think i have hayfever.. *blows nose* eh.. ew.. i hatee boogers.. i cant drink milk. they give me more boogers.. hah.. i hope i feel better before tonight.. so i can go on date . hehe. i love my bf.........
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school [25 Mar 2004|09:27am]
heyyy im at school also i got promblem at home so i wont be on internet mostly.. so let ya all know. .also . leave some commectns of u want.. Im staying at Faclons place for while .. Email me at Retepd1390@netscape.net
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hello [21 Mar 2004|10:30pm]
[ mood | restless ]

Hello.. I have been bored lately..this weekend was lil fun expect friday night.. it was so fun also... Im pissed cuz i cant take pic of anyone cuz (dotn want to say) wont let me. oh well.. It still piss me off. anyway. the dance was fun.. haha that part of vic and kristi fightin over doug. was sooooo funny. haha I should video tape that one!! hehe!!! haha..=) haha.. Anyway.. I had fun that night.. I hung out with Monica,Namina,Lisa and jessica they are my friends from Preschool.. I have known them eversince i was like 4 years old.. lol.. hehe.. we took alot of picture together because we wanted to make an scrap book of all of us growing up together mostly.. =) hehe.. also all weekend all i did was babysit my cousin! hehe. also watched 2 movie.. Cabin Fever. *ehhhh* ew.. And Uptown girls.. damn.. that movie is soooo good.. very impressing and good movie.. It shows some feelings and gesturing of life.. Things like that.. I think.. Also im so tired.. ehhhh. im gonna go bed soooo soooon.. hehe. also I have some news.. I might get Braces.. MAYBE!!! I might! Mwahah. cant wait.. damn.. i will put in red color as the braces color thingy! *winks* Also imma gonna go soon.. :-) Tomorrow we are starting track. and I will be in it! My friends are in it.. also .. I told julie sorry for whatever idid to her.. i rather not say.. I told her im sorry that i bla bla.. And she said it okay but she dunno if we should be best friends and or being friends.. also.. it werid cuz its happin the same thing to mandie.. it first happened to me then beki and mandie.. this is so werid.. maybe cuz its the same thing we are gouing thur anyway . ehhhh me and mandie had been fightin so much.. ehh i dotn like it! she kept punching me cuz i was talking on aim and doing my hw at the same time also its not her life and thigns like that. its my life. not hers.. she cant stop me from doing something like i want to.. for example.. I want to be famous music artist. and she stopped me from being one.. that cant happen just ingore and contiune on a path that ur going thur and things like that .. She cant stop ur life and things like that.. Just bear it if its happin to you.. Im sorry if its happin to whoever reading this.. hehe. so Bleeee.. Imma gonna go.. But tmw i got no ride home! *PULLS MY HAIR OUT* that is full of shit.. damn it.. ok. bye ..
*bounces off the wall and lands on the bed and fall asleep rapidly*
talking in my dream.... ohhhhh im floating on the clouds!

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[15 Mar 2004|10:06am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

Howdy.. Im not feeling so great.. im suck at home.. Bla blaaaaaaa.. SNOW SNOW.. i dont get it? its snowing and its spring this weekend. that werid.. haha. yestrday.. We sat on the tractor plower and we drove over Horse SHITS.. It stinks as hell..I rode  over it with my uncle and my sister also my cuzin.. hehe.. Went atving.. I went fast.. god damn. lol my uncle was like SLOW SLOW DOWN !!!!!!!!! i was like *letting go of the gas* and he was like *panting* lol he was scared. haha he sat behid me and i control the atv.. whoo diddy! =) Also all weekend all i did was going to my uncles and played PS2 all day and used the internet.. but i tied up the phone hah. hehe.. my uncle have 4 horse, Jackass Donkey (paco),7 cats(3 in house,4 outside) 2 germany shepard,and around 20 chicken.. they r mean.. im telling you .. One chicken even ran into beki on 4th of July. Gosh.. She got burise from a chicken. *CHOKES CHICHKEN* (chicken chokes *dies*) *HEHE* haha.. my arm hurts. . goshhh..... Cant type no more! Fa La Fa La

Fee, Foo, Rous,
Fee, Foo, Rous,
Fee'k, Foo'v, Rous'v,
*looks at you*
    O_o What?  O_o


*_* I cant fucking take this shit anymore, everyone and everything around me, is getting worse. (*Flees*)
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[12 Mar 2004|10:32am]
Make Your Own Glitter Word!
Make Your Own Glitter Word!
Make Your Own Glitter Word!
Make Your Own Glitter Word!
Make Your Own Glitter Word!
Make Your Own Glitter Word!
^^^^^^^^^^ neat? dont mind that thief.. cuz im one. lol Lmao
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*~~* [11 Mar 2004|11:17pm]
[ mood | Lay in Peace. ]

Lala no school tomorrow! lalala! haha.. Im not really tired.. Im watching some movie that i had recorded the other day.. I love one movie that I watched but i didnt get chance to get the name of the movie cuz i didnt tape the part that say the name if the movie..
Its good movie.. Lala.heehee... well yestrday.. wasnt good day.. tommorrow will be great and today wont be great day.. taht right.. PPL HATE me.. that right on.. lalala.. *runs away making some plans on sciuide!*
(looks at you )
*pass out*
*(people screaming for help)*
LaLa ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Wont happen.. No ppls wuv me.. and like me.. MWash.
*Grabs Judge's Hammer* *(POUND ON TABLE)*
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Nominee case is done..
Blaaa.. some tikes things
*HIT HAMMER ON MY HEAD* +.+ *thud on the ground* *held out flag(it say finally im dead)*

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[08 Mar 2004|03:44pm]

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da fuckin tyme of the month [08 Mar 2004|01:27pm]
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